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About Divine Foods

About Divine Foods

      "Food" is the first and foremost basic need of human being. To buy food, every human should have purchasing power and this could be accomplished by providing employment opportunities. The importance of food and money turned out to start “Divine Foods” (DFS) in Dindigul, TamilNadu focusing mainly on food with utmost quality.

Our products include Maida,Suji Rava,Samba Wheat Broken,Crystal salt,Free flow Iodised salt,Fried gram,Roasted vermicelli,Ragi vermicelli,Whole Wheat Atta and some more products.

DFS is a manufacturing unit of Roasted vermicelli and Ragi vermicelli. From 2009 till 2015, DFS introduced additional products one by one under the brand “AMMU” and currently there are nine products. At present, another health mix product is under process and will be launched soon.